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8th Delphi International
Psychoanalytic Symposium

21 - 24 June 2013 - Delphi, Greece

The European Cultural Center of Delphi

The Father

The purpose of the Symposium, as of all the previous ones, is to give the opportunity to all the participants to have a dialogue on the psychoanalytic and philosophical aspects of the subject, taking into consideration the ancient origins of the Greek tradition and the current problems of a society in turmoil within the continuity of the human history.

The concept of "The Father", since the beginning, has been very central in Freud's thinking from a clinical and theoretical point of view. Later on, it appeared that the mother's imago gained importance gradually in various psychoanalytic theories. However, in the recent years the comple-mentary role of both has been investigated and attention is paid to the con-stant interplay of the representation of both parents, their differences and similarities in the internal psychic reality of the individual.

Psychoanalysis has been always open to "listen" to other sciences such as Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, and to Art and Literature. In this Symposium also the subject "Father" will be investigated in various of these other areas, always from a psychoanalytic point of view.

The Organizing Committee is sure that the scientific program of the Symposium is of a very high quality and the participants will be pleased not only from the presentations and the fruitful dialogue but also from the atmosphere that is provided by the historical site of Delphi.

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